Nichicon Fine Gold 22uF - 100V

(Kapazität: 22uF, Bauform: 10x12,5, Spannung: 100V)

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Nichicon Capacitors FG Series

Grade Type, For Audio Equipment "Fine Gold" MUSE acoustic series suited for high grade audio equipment, using state of the art etching techniques.

Rich sound in the bass register and clearer high end, most suited for AV equipment like DVD, MD.

Wert: 22uF/ 100V

Auswahl: Nichicon Fine Gold 22uF - 4700uF

Artikel-Nr. Kapazität Bauform Spannung Status Preis
FG-22/100V 22uF 10x12,5 100V
0,51 € *
FG-33/100V 33uF 10x16 100V
0,74 € *
FG-101/63V 100uF 10x20 63V
1,49 € *
FG-331/63V 330uF 12,5x25 63V
1,94 € *
FG-102/16V 1000uF 10x12,5 16V
1,49 € *
FG-102/63V 1000uF 18x35,5 63V
3,49 € *
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FG-332/25V 3300uF 25x40 25V
3,98 € *
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FG-472/16V 4700uF 18x35,5 16V
3,20 € *
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